Product Liability Subrogation

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Product Liability Subrogation

Yost & Baill attorneys have handled thousands of product liability subrogation cases ranging from car fires to defective water filters, halogen lights, barbeque lighters, and virtually every household appliance which has a history of product failure. In fact, Yost & Baill attorneys have been recognized by national publications as experts on seller liability issues in the digital age.

We have extensive experience dealing with issues which commonly arise in product liability subrogation cases, including the economic loss doctrine, Daubert-related issues, and the “assumption of the risk” defense.  Yost & Baill attorneys can assist you with product liability subrogation files ranging from thousands to tens of millions of dollars in a cost-efficient manner.

For more information about Yost & Baill’s Product Liability Subrogation practice, please contact Kelly Micheletti at (612) 244-2927, or click the photos to learn more about our practice group.


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