Yost & Baill attorneys have extensive local, regional, and national speaking experience on a variety of topics of interest to our insurance clients. Our attorneys are actively involved in the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, have helped develop NASP’s educational programs, and have helped draft and edit the manual for the Certified Subrogation Recovery Professional (CSRP) designation.

Yost & Baill Attorneys will be featured at the 2020 NASP Annual Conference held on November 16 & 17, presenting on the following:

  • No Coattails to Ride: Pursuing Subrogation When the Employee Won’t, Can’t or Doesn’t Get Involved, Nicole Kustermann (co-presenter)
  • The Top 10 Expectations of Forensic Experts, David Taylor (co-presenter)
  • Recent Developments, Trends, & Decisions in Property Subrogation, Teirney Christenson (co-presenter)
  • Developing Strong Leaders in a Subrogation Organization, Jeff Baill (co-presenter)
  • The Twists and Turns of Catastrophic Property Losses: An EGGcellent Example, David Taylor and Teirney Christenson (co-presenters)
  • Proving Complex Damages: Total Loss and Uninsured Motorist Payment, Cecilia Heberling (co-presenter)

Some of our most recent presentations include:

  • Investigating Claims During COVID-19, David Taylor (co-presenter)
  • Winning from Losing, Jeff Baill
  • Amazon: “Prime” for Product Liability: An Analysis of Products Liability in the eCommerce World, Teirney Christenson
  • New Ways to Get Around the Government Immunity Defense – Constitutional Takings Clause, Steven Theesfeld
  • Economic Loss Doctrine Nationwide, Michelle Hurley and Kelly Micheletti
  • Worker’s Compensation Subrogation – Perfecting a Claim, Nicole Kustermann
  • DENIED! An Update on the “Your Work” Exclusion and Tips to Turn a Denial Letter into a Recovery, Steven Theesfeld and Catlin Pegelow
  • Subrogation: Twenty Years of Change, Jeff Baill
  • Increasing Recoveries by Playing the Spread – Fire Spread Analysis, Steven Theesfeld (co-presenter)
  • Thinking Ahead: Winning Your Subrogation Case at the Fire Investigation Stage, Catlin Pegelow and Teirney Christenson
  • Keynote Presentation on Jury Research Focus Groups – Hitting the Bull’s-Eye: Putting Your Subrogation Claim in Focus, Teirney Christenson (co-presenter)
  • Small but Mighty: Challenges and Opportunities for Smallish Subrogation Departments, Phillip Theesfeld
  • Don’t Miss the Boat! Tagging Along in Class Action Litigation With Your Small Property Claims, 
  • Efficient Attorney-Expert-Adjuster Relationship Can Improve the Odds of Winning, David Yarosh (co-presenter)
  • Resolving Worker’s Compensation Subrogation Claims: The Future IS Negotiable, Nicole Kustermann (co-presenter)
  • Subrogation of Agricultural Property Claims, David Taylor
  • Farm Losses: Building and Equipment, David Taylor (co-presenter)
  • Understanding No-Fault Subrogation and Indemnity, Michelle Hurley
  • Small Property Subrogation: Strange Subro – Turn Those Strange Scenarios into Serious Dollars!, 
  • Tips from the Trenches: Best Practices for Handling Property Subrogation Claims, Phillip Theesfeld
  • Speak Softly and Carry a Black Pen: Settling with Pro Se Defendants, Benjamin Sorenson and Kelly Micheletti

Please contact us if you would like more information about having a Yost & Baill attorney present for your organization or event.  Click on the bios on our Attorneys page for a full list of presentations given by each Attorney.