Mass Torts Subrogation

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Mass Torts Subrogation

Yost & Baill attorneys are pioneers in such mass tort subrogation as auto product liability claims, water filter product defects, and mass construction defect claims. Yost & Baill has assisted numerous insurers in navigating State and Federal courts in product liability class action litigation, including multi-district litigation cases involving the aggregation of dozens to hundreds of claims for multiple insurers.

Yost & Baill attorneys counsel clients as to how to respond to class action and anti-trust litigation involving issues which affect their rights to recover. This is a constantly evolving area of law which requires firms experienced in navigating multi-party issues.

For more information about Yost & Baill’s Mass Torts Subrogation practice, please contact Jeff Baill at (612) 338-6000, or click the photos to learn more about our practice group.


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