Construction Defect Subrogation

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Construction Defect Subrogation

From building collapses, water intrusion claims, and construction accidents, Yost & Baill handles all manner of construction defect claims in which subrogation can and does arise.

Yost & Baill attorneys have successfully tried countless cases arising from construction defects. Our construction defect practice group has also successfully defended numerous motions related to coverage issues, statutes of repose, statutes of limitation and contractors’ subrogation waivers which often arise in construction defect litigation. We have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in identifying potentially liable parties in construction defect cases and guide a loss investigation to a successful recovery.

For more information about Yost & Baill’s Construction Defect practice, please contact Kelly Micheletti at (612) 244-2927, or click the photos to learn more about our practice group.