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Worker’s Compensation

For over 35 years, Yost & Baill has handled worker’s compensation subrogation claims arising in construction settings, motor vehicle accidents, product failures, slip-and-falls, medical malpractice claims, and a host of other negligence claims.

Yost & Baill’s worker’s compensation subrogation practice includes litigation and oversight of worker’s compensation subrogation claims across the country. We are proud of the co-counsel and expert witness relationships we have built with attorneys and experts throughout the country and we consider those relationships to be a vital component of success for our clients.

Worker’s compensation is one of the most complex areas of recovery because the laws are different in every state. Yost & Baill has experience dealing with the differences in approach necessary on a state by state basis to effectively assist clients in their recovery efforts.

For more information about Yost & Baill’s Worker’s Compensation Subrogation Practice, please contact Nicole Kustermann at (612) 338-6000, or click the photos to learn more about our practice group.


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